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Black Masterbatch

Black Masterbatch


Carbon Black Content=45%±2% N220 particle Size20nm



Product Deion

Black materbatch 78 is a LDPE based masterbatch containing high purity carbon black. It is designed for use in films that require excellent surface performance and high jetness, and in ultra thin agricultural films that needs high opacity.

Range of Application

Black materbatch mebk78 is designed for use in LDPE,HDPE and LLDPE, POLYPROPYLENE.


Method of Usage

Black mebk78 is designed for ease of dispersion and is therefore suitable for direct addition and mixing with plastic resins in mixer, avoiding pollution and mal-scattering problems caused by pigment.


Recommended Dosage

1-3% subjected to the final products requirements.


Physical Properties

Density(25) : 1550kg/m3

Melting Flow Index : 32g/10min


Moisture Content : <0.2%

Pellet particle size : 2.5mm*2.5mm


Black materbatch 78 is supplied in pellet form packed in 25kg bags. It should be stored in a dry place.

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